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We are building for a better future.

Uzun Group has a life according to everyone's dream. We offer you the safest and most quality life since its establishment in 1980, to open the doors of your future with our special designed projects for you, our esteemed customers, and the options you will experience with happiness and peace. Choose your dream now among our projects.

Project Design Services

Project Design Services

It is our job to create spaces to meet all the requirements of our customers, which will make our customers happy and comfortable. We reflect our design art to projects with confidence, courage and enthusiasm. We interpret our tastes in the best way by giving quality service with different point of view, and we are strengthening our image with the projects we do every day.

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Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

We implement art with our countless projects, where we have achieved success in interior design and implementation. With our expert staff in the field, we follow trends and high quality designs around the world and we create designs in various styles. We provide services to create a different life in each project, to win the satisfaction of our customers, to live and to experience new designd

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Current Projects

You can choose one of our suitable projects and benefit from the advantages.


Cultural and Social Life of Northern Cyprus
Cultural and Social Life of Northern Cyprus

The traditions, customs and social experiences of Northern Cyprus are very colorful like natural beauties.


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