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AboutUzun Group
Uzun Group

History and About Us

The Uzun Group of Companies was established in 1980 as a family owned company by Gürsel UZUN in Nicosia. Our company serves in many regions of Northern Cyprus, in the area of construction and contracting, project design, real estate and consulting, furniture and rental car services, among others.

It carries out its business with seriousness and meticulousness in all sectors where it operates. To create permanent living spaces that offer quality life styles to people which helps them to adapt to the environment and the city. By installing aesthetics with emotions, we do not consider the basic sheltering need of man as an engineering job; in this direction, it aims to change the concept of building in our country.

Since its founding, Uzun Group of Companies has put its signature under numerous residential and commercial projects in the various regions of Northern Cyprus and it is among the top companies operating in quality  projects in the country.

Our Working Policy
Uzun Group

Our Working Policy

Our mission

 To be successful and to build  unimaginable projects with the help of our experienced staff.

Our vision

Our goal is to always be pioneers in innovation in the construction sector with no boundaries. To serve our customers by combining knowledge, experience and modern designs. 

Policy and Labor Policy

To stick to business ethics, to serve within the framework of ethical rules, to offer continuity in service by respecting the right of life of our customers and environment. To comply with all applicable laws. To be sensitive and pay attention to nature and environmental pollution while working. Building a peaceful living environment.

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